I’m Still Here…

Isn’t that a movie with Joaquin Phoenix… or something like that…? (And yes, I googled to make sure, and while scanning wikipedia,  I only needed to see the words “Buffalo Soldier” to then have that song in my head.) Totally not the point of this post, but is a very accurate depiction of me. Ugh, I’m all over the place. And you know that’s exactly how I write this blog thing. My husband was the writer, not me.

Anyway, so, yeah, I’m still here. I’m actually not sure how to write this – do I gloss over my absence or do I just go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room? It’s not like I’ve NOT done any art since then, but it hasn’t been at the same pace. My family has weathered some tragically rough patches since the fall of 2014 (I’ve not talked about it outside my private facebook page so don’t worry about searching for it… in time maybe). I’ve been slowly working on my art, but being a widowed mom takes a lot of time, especially with two active middle schoolers. I participated in last year’s Alamance Studio Tour and will be participating in this year’s Alamance Artisans Art Extravaganza. I’m also involved in a “plein air paint out” in my town right after that, and I’m taking a few art classes/ workshops in November. I suppose I’m stubbornly hanging on to keeping my artistic side alive.

So… I fluctuate between just being blah, running around dropping off, picking up, dropping off, picking up, OMG what’s for dinner, and is there an event I need to be at that requires me to take a shower…? Oh… and my favorite activity at 12:30 at night is waiting for the washer to be done so I can throw the clothes in the dryer and go to bed. And that’s when I’m not traveling for work.

With my first of many events less than a month away… I still need to get this thing done. I need to get some headphones, put soccer games on one tv and the other tv on older seasons of America’s Got Talent – (congrats Darci!)- and then MAYBE I can move mountains and get it done… right after I clean the studio.

Field of Lillies


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