I’m Still Here…

Isn't that a movie with Joaquin Phoenix... or something like that...? (And yes, I googled to make sure, and while scanning wikipedia,  I only needed to see the words "Buffalo Soldier" to then have that song in my head.) Totally not the point of this post, but is a very accurate depiction of me. Ugh, I'm … Continue reading I’m Still Here…


“Lucy” | colored pencil | 8″ x 10″

My favorite thing about this is the cow's expression! Using a black sanded surface, my intention for this was a simple "white drawing". The other colored pencils were added before I reminded myself of my objective. My 7 year old daughter would come in and critique it along the way, but it never met her … Continue reading “Lucy” | colored pencil | 8″ x 10″

Boxed In

Of course, it's called "Boxed In" because it's a box turtle, right? There's actually a pretty cool story behind it. "Boxed In" | 6" x 18" | Colored Pencil and Neocolor II on pastelbord We have this black tube attached to our gutter drain to direct water flow away from our house. It's VERY long … Continue reading Boxed In

What is the Definition of a Portrait?

Flower Portraits? Why Yes, I Do That Too...If you're familiar with my work, you would know that I like to paint and draw animals, people, flowers...so as I was writing this post about portraits and what I like to focus on, I realized that what I'm really painting is portraits. Portraits of people, animals and … Continue reading What is the Definition of a Portrait?

Regrets? Yes and No

Whenever anyone I work with learn I have an art degree, I get the eyebrow raise. My job is in clinical research and really has no place for art. Do I have regrets? Maybe, but not for the reasons you may think.I will always be thankful for getting an art degree. Even though the "art" … Continue reading Regrets? Yes and No

New Pastel Painting: Alaskan Malamute

So the original post disappeared shortly after it was highlighted on another webpage. Sorry it's taken a few weeks for me to get the energy to piece it back together. (Very strange and since I don't know WHY it happened, or even know HOW to find out why, I'm just going to add the photos … Continue reading New Pastel Painting: Alaskan Malamute