Commission Me

Below is a price list for standard portrait sizes. The price is the same for a head shot or entire body.

If you require a custom size or shape for your portrait, or have any other special requirements, feel free to email me for a quote.

Keep in mind that the standard subject is a cat or dog, but I’m willing to draw any animal you prefer, but the price may vary depending on complexity.

Woolly Malamute
“Woolly Malamute” | pastel | 16″ x 20″
Medium Size (inches) Price for one pet/animal
Charcoal 11×14 250.00
Charcoal 16×20 400.00
Charcoal 18×24 525.00
Pastel 11×14 325.00
Pastel 16×20 450.00
Pastel 18×24 575.00

* $75 fee for each additional animal

Due to the amount of work involved in creating your portrait, I require a 50% deposit. The deposit holds your place in line and is non-refundable after the portrait is reasonably advanced (typically after the 2nd update reviewed and approved by the customer). The balance of the payment is not due until you have approved a final proof of the finished portrait.


To order your portrait, e-mail me at to discuss your requirements. I will need at least one good quality photo of the animal, or animals, you would like me to draw, along with the size you require. The more photos you can provide, the better likeness and higher quality the portrait will be.


The client agrees that all reference work provided to the artist for the creation of the commissioned portrait is free and clear of all copyrights, and the client agrees that the client will be responsible for any legal actions taken by others for use of photo material that is not free and clear of all copyrights.

Artwork is commissioned for personal use only and may not be used for financial gain. In addition, I retain full reproduction copyright on all my artwork whether commissioned or not.

Artwork and images may not be used or reproduced without my written permission.

Portraits are done on a first come first serve basis as soon as deposits are received. However, please let me know if you have a priority. Progress photos may be shown on my blog, unless otherwise requested.


AnimalsI accept cash, debit and credit cards. Once images are provided and a size has been agreed upon, an invoice will be emailed to you. The portrait will be officially in the queue once the deposit has been paid. Completed portraits will be shipped once final payment has been received.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is of highest importance to me. If you are not completely satisfied with your commissioned portrait, I will work with you until it is to your liking. All other artwork purchased on this site must be returned at buyer’s expense in original condition within 30 days in order to receive a refund. You must contact me prior to returning the artwork to me.

Privacy Policy
Any personal information submitted will be used only for the purpose of completing the transaction, delivering the product and addressing any customer service issues.

Pet Photography Tips

Good photos are essential in creating the best portrait for you.

“Best Friends” | paste| 18″ x 24″

Digital photos are preferred, but I also accept photos through mail. As stated previously, it is best to include several photos, and identify which should be used for the portrait.

When taking photos of your pet, natural lighting will usually produce the best results, as a flash can produce harsh lights and shadows.

Unless you specifically want a picture of your pet looking up at you, it is often better to get down to your pet’s level to take photos.

Keep in mind close up photos may distort the pet’s features, but a photo too far away may not produce the detail preferred. It’s fine with me if you want a portrait of a dog’s nose, but please don’t send it as your primary reference if you would like a more traditional pose.

Even if you don’t have the best photo to work from, I will work with you to still get a good portrait for you. Feel free to e-mail me to discuss anything.

2 thoughts on “Commission Me

  1. Janae created a portrait of my beloved Himalayan cat ‘Dalai Baba’, after he passed away suddenly last march. I cannot adequately express how beautiful the portrait is, and how much comfort it gives me to see his picture each morning. Janae’s talent is more than amazing, and I would vouch for her to anyone grieving the loss of a pet, or even someone who would enjoy a portrait while their pet is still with them!

    Most sincerely,
    Margaret Denny

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