Newspaper Article

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a local newspaper looking to do an article on me and my art.  The writer left me a message on my phone and also sent me an email. I was typing up my email to respond to her (thinking out my answers so I wouldn’t have to worry about how many times I said “ummm” and “you know”). My plan was to call her back and use my draft email as notes (doesn’t everyone do that?). But before I could finish, she calls me again. And wants to come by my studio NOW. If you like my facebook art page, you might have seen a post saying I was rearranging my studio just the night before. Do you know how organized artists typically are? Can you imagine what my studio looked like the day the reporter wanted to come over? Most of my art was still hanging at the Roasted Coffee Depot

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What is the Definition of a Portrait?

Flower Portraits? Why Yes, I Do That Too… If you’re familiar with my work, you would know that I like to paint and draw animals, people, flowers…so as I was writing this post about portraits and what I like to focus on, I realized that what I’m really painting is portraits. Portraits of people, animals and flowers. In my bio/statement/about me sections that all artists should have, I say the same things…that I’m drawn (hahaha) to the details of a subject. It makes sense when I put my portraits together… Portrait of Alex | charcoal | 16×20 Bovine Curiosity | charcoal | 18×24 Himalayan | pastel | 16×20 Even when you look at the flowers I have done, you see the same thing…close enough to see some detail, but not too close that it becomes abstract.   Violet | colored pencil | 8×10 Antique Rose | colored pencil | 8×10 Carnation | colored pencil | 8×10 Reference Photos Here are

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The Artist and the Writer

As some of you know, my husband’s “hobby” has been writing. It’s been laying dormant for a while, but he’s recently come back to it full force. As he talked to me recently about ideas, it occurred to me how similar, yet different we are. We are both creative people. In general, artists and writers go about their lives internalizing their experiences, yet in completely different ways. This thought came to me when a random story was being told to me and hearing how my husband came to it…it didn’t come to him by LOOKING OUTSIDE – staring off into the beauty of nature…he just thinks constantly, about ideas, about people, about interactions. I know there are plenty of jokes to be had right now, but really, I’m not a thinker (haha). I’m an observer. I take walks or sit outside to take in the beauty of what I see. My husband takes walks or sits outside to think. Artists

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An Old Portrait and an Older Portrait

Oops!   I totally forgot that I meant to post a charcoal portrait of my daughter in the last post! That was a major reason I did a non-art post, but I guess that’s what happens when you have someone like me, posting about who-knows-what. I try to stay on topic of art, but sometimes, I gotta stray. Portrait of Anna   Granted, this portrait was done years ago, and I’m painfully aware I should do an update. Plus, I have other family members who have waited patiently for their turn, but since theirs is free, they have no choice but to sit back and… wait some more. Portrait of my Dad   So now we get to go down memory lane…to 20 (yes, TWENTY!) years ago. I did a portrait of my dad that I submitted and won 1st place in a Father’s Day event. Looking at it now…I can honestly tell you his lips were not that “pretty”.

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A Time for Celebration and Remembrance

Picture of Anna before school today Happy birthday to my daughter!  She’s 6 today! She’s excited, but not as much as you would think a 6 year old GIRL would be. She probably gets more excited about her brother’s birthday than she does about her own. Of course, she IS excited to see me bring cupcakes to her class, and will be excited when we go to dinner so she can see her cousins. She IS excited about her presents…but quietly so. You put her in front and expect her to burst from excitement and you’re more likely to see her burst into tears. Anna trying not to smile/cry while people sing Happy Birthday The other day when we got together for Easter, she was propped up on the counter while we (lots and lots of “we”) sang Happy Birthday to her. I took pictures…and expected to see tears.      It’s not only my daughter’s birthday today, it’s my

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Excuses, Excuses (or why I haven’t painted lately)

This wasn’t going to be its own post, but instead a short list of excuses within another post of WHY I HAVEN’T POSTED ANY NEW WORK!  Well, I had a little too much fun with my list. It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of our life right now with two kids, 7 and 5 years old. (OK, soon to be 7 and 6 years old on Wednesday!) Here are my excuses…in no particular order of priority.  Excuse #1: FAMILY I have to talk to them and help my kids do stuff. Take the simple act of bathing. “Yes, you have to take a bath.”  And for those of you who have more than one child… “Whoever guesses the closest number from 1-10 has to go first.” “I don’t care who goes first…just take a bath!” “Did you wash your hair/brush your teeth?” “It doesn’t smell like you washed your hair/brushed your teeth.” “Why is the shampoo almost gone? I just bought

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What I Did on My Vacation

Some of you are aware that I have a full time job that is NOT related to my art. AT. ALL. So in February, I decided to take a week off and not go anywhere or do anything but work on my art and art related marketing. This was a big step for me, because while I’ve been involved in the art community for a few years now and see myself as an artist, I see myself as a part-time artist who can’t spend a lot of time doing art things. I have excuses galore! My productivity isn’t anywhere near what it would be as a full time artist, but I think I did pretty well on my week “off”.___I started off by going to several galleries in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Pittsboro with my sister (check out her blog here). We visited Fearrington Village and took pictures of the Belted Galloways (rare breed of Scottish beef cows), Of course

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The Search for Art Festival Supplies: Part I

A few weeks ago I went supply shopping for art shows and festivals.  I already had three tall, narrow panels I created out of slatted closet shelves. They were a deal, and I needed something ASAP last October. They worked fine, but were 8 feet tall and cumbersome to move. Here’s a photo of me standing in front of the panels. See that behemoth panel in the background on the left? Yep, that’s what I used… …and the wind loved them… If it weren’t for the several good Samaritans at the tour to catch the display, many of my pieces would have ended up on the concrete. My goal has been to purchase pro panels, but they are still cost prohibitive for me to get an entire set for a 10×10 display area. A fellow artist had black grid panels that created a nice display for her paintings. I went to the surplus store where she purchased her display and

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Pastel Workshop

I went to a pastel workshop this morning taught by local pastel artist Bill Gramley. I was so excited, not only because of my recent fascination with the medium, but also because I realized this was the same artist of whom I previously purchased 3 mini paintings! There is another class on March 31st at Fine Art Carolina Gallery in Mebane if anyone is interested. Bill demonstrated 3 themes: pears, an autumn tree, and a seascape. It was amazing to see the paintings appear so quickly. After each demonstration, we were left to do our own version, either from a photo or our imaginations. Here are my versions…I need to provide better photos once I take them out of the “class provided frames” (except for the seascape, that’s my own frame). The pear… (I don’t eat pears, so I struggled with this!) Autumn tree…I wanted to do a horizontal image, but didn’t realize the mat would cut off so much

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