Art Supply Addiction: Flat Files

Hi, my name is Janae, and I’m an art supply addict. By supply, please don’t just think of pencils, papers, brushes, paint. Feel free to include drafting tables, bookcases and my favorite…FLAT FILES! I have such an obsession with these, that I decided to do a whole post dedicated to them. Maybe I’ll write a series of posts…because each one has a special place in my heart… It doesn’t really matter that I have a 29 1/2″ x 40 1/2″ black metal flat file with 5 drawers, or a behemoth 36×45 1/2″ wood flat file with 10 drawers. I love them all. I google flat file images. I browse them on craigslist. I pin them. It doesn’t matter that their use is rather limited. They are coveted by artists and the going rate for a 5 drawer flat file around here starts at $150 on craigslist. I’m still addicted. Maybe one day I can have a coffee table again, and

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Back from California

I’m home for 2 nights, 1 day before heading out with my husband to St John for our vacation! I had to fly to California for my job earlier this week, so I was a bit stressed over getting work done, planning for the upcoming vacation right before another trip for work… California was nice, temperatures in the mid 60s, sunny and dry. My rental car was a lot nicer than the last time as well! I arrived in San Diego around noon, got shuttled to the rental car place and after a few confusing moments, I was able to get in my Toyota Avalon Touring (with black leather seats) and be on my way. I plugged in my destination on my phone to figure out how to get to the office from the rental car place. Once plotted, I kept reviewing the directions the whole way to…the hotel. I past right by my work. No problem, really, my phone

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Happy Thanksgiving and Surprises…

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a busy day for us, but I’m procrastinating…I have to bring pumpkin pie and “sausage balls” to my brothers house for our feast. However, our oven broke two days ago and I have to go to my mom’s house to bake the sausage. I didn’t know she had to leave early to go over to make her potatoes, so my husband, my kids and I are going to take over her oven this afternoon before we trek to Raleigh. The best made plans aren’t the best if we don’t communicate our expectations…oh well. I guess it’s safe to say that the “plan” was that I was going to pick my mom up from her house in my little car while my husband goes to my brother’s house with the kids. Then, we were going to “go to a movie” after Thanksgiving while my mom kept the kids. Except that the movie will be…in

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My Nephew, The Artist

I’m so excited, that I just had to post this. (I got permission from the artist and his mom). My nephew’s art was chosen to be exhibited at a local bank. He’s in 3rd grade and has been interested in art for a while (in a cool sort of way, of course). A few times I’ve talked to him about techniques and such, but I never know what’s the appropriate teaching level for the different age groups. Right now, I just casually talk about perspective and how to hold the pencil out to get the angle and how certain paintings are created. I try to get his input on pieces of art as well. This past summer, I took him to the “Arts At The Meadow” (an art festival in Chapel Hill, NC). He enjoyed it and was even willing to discuss what paintings he liked. Although, he kept telling the artists “my aunt is an artist…she has a website”…(that

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