The Artist and the Writer

As some of you know, my husband’s “hobby” has been writing. It’s been laying dormant for a while, but he’s recently come back to it full force.

As he talked to me recently about ideas, it occurred to me how similar, yet different we are. We are both creative people. In general, artists and writers go about their lives internalizing their experiences, yet in completely different ways.

This thought came to me when a random story was being told to me and hearing how my husband came to it…it didn’t come to him by LOOKING OUTSIDE – staring off into the beauty of nature…he just thinks constantly, about ideas, about people, about interactions. I know there are plenty of jokes to be had right now, but really, I’m not a thinker (haha). I’m an observer. I take walks or sit outside to take in the beauty of what I see. My husband takes walks or sits outside to think.

Artists are about images; writers are about ideas. I am generalizing way too much, and I certainly don’t mean to say that artists have nothing to say, or writers have nothing to portray. As artists, our styles, medium, subject matter may differ, but I think our experiences with the outside world are similar.

We may have our own thoughts/judgments on the world and can create “art” with that in mind…
…or not. 


One response to “The Artist and the Writer”

  1. Hi Janae,
    This post was very interesting to me. I relate so much to what you said about being an observer, rather than a thinker (when taking in beauty & noticing the details). Unfortunately, this trait doesn’t help me At ALL in my desires to be an ‘Artist’. On the other hand, in a conversation I had with Katy last summer, we were talking about a poem she had written, that I just found to be amazing. Katy told me that when she’s writing, she ‘thinks in pictures’. (no fair that she can write AND draw, huh???)

    I guess I just wanted to say that what you wrote really resonated with me, and I appreciate the way you express this ‘stuff’. (words escape me at this point…… WHATEVER!!!)

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