What is the Definition of a Portrait?

Flower Portraits? Why Yes, I Do That Too…

If you’re familiar with my work, you would know that I like to paint and draw animals, people, flowers…so as I was writing this post about portraits and what I like to focus on, I realized that what I’m really painting is portraits. Portraits of people, animals and flowers.

In my bio/statement/about me sections that all artists should have, I say the same things…that I’m drawn (hahaha) to the details of a subject. It makes sense when I put my portraits together…

Portrait of Alex | charcoal | 16×20

Bovine Curiosity | charcoal | 18×24

Himalayan | pastel | 16×20

Even when you look at the flowers I have done, you see the same thing…close enough to see some detail, but not too close that it becomes abstract.


Violet | colored pencil | 8×10

Antique Rose | colored pencil | 8×10
Carnation | colored pencil | 8×10

Reference Photos

Here are some of my photographs that will someday be “portraits”…not all of them are great photos, some are blurry, but I’m not a photographer. I just play one for reference photos.

Dairy Cow in Chapel Hill NC

You would never know it, but this is a Belted Galloway at Fearringon Village, near Chapel Hill NC

Some cats have it made…this one hangs out at the Westin, St John, USVI

Baby monkey at the NC Zoo in Ashboro NC

Our cat, “Chopper”

The walkway the zoo has now is amazing! You can feed the giraffes and be eye to eye with them!
Flower (petunia or pansy? I always get them mixed up)

OK, I’m pretty sure this is an orchid. I’ve been known to take photos at random places.

So, there it is. I have a problem. As much as I LOVE landscapes and trees and all that purdy stuff, I think I just get on autopilot when I see something I like.


2 responses to “What is the Definition of a Portrait?”

  1. Your pictures are great.Giraffes are amazing. We can get up close and hang with them at our zoo in Colorado, also.

  2. Thanks Gallen! I love to get as close as possible to the animals. Our zoo only recently added this "cat walk" and it's amazing how close you can get now! The zoo employee lets the kids (and adults!) feed the giraffes, so they come right up to people.

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