Finally, an update!

Dianna, pastel on Sennelier tinted paper, 9″ x 12″

I haven’t given up on the blog! …I just didn’t have anything new to show. The Art & Soul Studios that I was apart of closed last fall, so we were busy bringing our art home.

I recently signed up for another pastel class, so my goal is to have a new piece every week. Most of the students are working on one piece throughout the 6 week session, but I’m choosing to play with pastels this time and learn about the medium rather than trying to perfect a piece of art. (I can do that at home if I want).

I’ve updated the portrait since I took this picture, but the color in the other photo is not as accurate, and I’m not happy with the updates I’ve made.


2 responses to “Finally, an update!”

  1. Hi Janae,I want to try portraiture sometime later, but I need to improve my drawing skills.As you know – this is what I think – portraiture and figure painting are quite probably the most demanding areas in terms of draughtsmanship.Have some knowledge about anatomy is also important in order to add "structure".Kind regards,José

  2. I agree Jose- especially if you are doing a portrait for someone. The likeness has to be there. A lot of people will go in and draw in the details without getting the "structure" correct. I've done that many times before purposefully obliterating the details to get the lights, darks and different planes of the face right. The best medium I have found to help in this regard is charcoal. Use that and a kneaded eraser, blur your eyes to get rid of the details and just have fun.

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