June Show

I’ve posted on Instagram and Facebook, but I realized I never added it here… so here goes… I will be part of a 2 person show for the month of June! The reception is Friday, June 8th, from 5:30-7:30. It should be pretty enjoyable for everyone since my art is totally different than Ann’s. My partner in this show creates “figurative assemblages from found objects”. If you can’t come see us Friday, our art will be hanging the whole month!

You Found Me!

I’ve been working in the background here to see if WordPress is really as great as I keep hearing (and seeing!). My regular website is a free one from sitekreator, and while I like it OK, I want to find something more streamlined, easy to update and to have my website name instead of ‘whatever.janaelehto.com’ (and this one will eventually get me there)… Soon, it will all get rolled over to this website, but you just found me here as I’m working through the glitches. I’ve added the links to the side in case you want to go to my old website and blog. Oh, and I’m on facebook, too, so like my page if you’re interested in updates! So far, I’ve been able to import all my old posts from blogger over here, so it’s coming along.

Art Forums

The previous post about art websites required me to go to those sites to grab the link and post here. I found that one of the websites I was going to include didn’t have my art. Oops. I guess I decided not to use them, but it’s a website that may be useful to others and I think the community there is awesome of you take part. I’ve listed three forums I browse for information and inspiration. DeviantArt – I’m not sure what the demographic is for this site, but it might be younger than me. Just the name sounds like a high school and early college demographic. However, there are some useful reference photos that can be found here, as long as you read what the photography will allow in terms of copyright. ScribbleTalk -I have a soft spot for this site since this was THE website that inspired me to return to art. It was totally by accident

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Art Websites

It seems I’ve created profiles on most of the art websites, but there is one that has stood out among the others in terms of professionalism, pizazz (did I just use that word?), and user friend…li…ness…(I told you I’m not a writer, but you get my point, right?). I’ve listed three that I’ve used in the past/present…  Zazzle – I use zazzle to order my own magnets, since they seem reasonably priced. The magnets are hefty things, not just a magnetized business card. The kind you actually buy in stores nice. I don’t really sell anything there, so I can’t comment on any of those aspects, but I do offer notecards and magnets. CafePress – one of the first sites I added my art, mainly for notecards, but I got too crazy with the other merchandise, so I added tshirts and some other items. Honestly, I can’t tell you what’s there right now. The website became too time consuming and

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Originals AND Prints Available

Yes, prints have been available for a while…but since I recently sold a print from here, I thought I would update my blog with the links to the right. You can order a print, choose your own mat and frame, have it printed on a canvas, or just order cards. Originals are most likely at the Saxapahaw Artists Gallery. Otherwise, please contact me if you are interested in an original…I take credit cards too! One other place that you can visit and see my artwork is the Alamance County Studio Tour. I’ll post more details separately, but I will have my art at a fellow artist’s house October 15-16 2011. Click here for more information.

New Gallery in Saxapahaw

I’ve taken the plunge, applied and was juried into the Saxapahaw artists gallery. I brought my art to the gallery today. Saxapahaw is a small, but BEAUTIFUL town on the river. Mike and I first visited there years ago and always talk about how pretty the area is. I attended a meeting last fall about a potential gallery space next to the post office. I came home so energized by everyone’s excitement, but it didn’t work out for me to be apart of it at that time. The people there seem genuinely supportive to have artists apart of the community. I hope the support continues since that is such a huge part in making the gallery a success! Right now, the website is still in the works, but they do have a facebook page. I’ve pasted the link below, and a blurb about the patron membership. Saxapahaw Art Center    Saxapahaw Art Center Membership is a passport to some of

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Alamance Artisans

I’ve joined an art guild – Alamance Artisans. It’s completely different than being a part of a co-op in that this is a group of artists, meeting regularly to share accomplishments, news, and anything else relating to art. A few times a year there is a festival or show specific to the guild, but other than that, there are no hours to work in a gallery…well…because there is none! Their studio tour was in October, and while I decided not to sign up this year, I volunteered to take pictures of half the tour. This made me go out and enjoy the beautiful studios, taking pictures along the way. Quite a few artists that were apart of Art and Soul with me participated in the tour, so it was good to talk to them as well. There are a few other events coming up that I will be apart of, one of which I will share in a day or

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Finally, an update!

Dianna, pastel on Sennelier tinted paper, 9″ x 12″ I haven’t given up on the blog! …I just didn’t have anything new to show. The Art & Soul Studios that I was apart of closed last fall, so we were busy bringing our art home. I recently signed up for another pastel class, so my goal is to have a new piece every week. Most of the students are working on one piece throughout the 6 week session, but I’m choosing to play with pastels this time and learn about the medium rather than trying to perfect a piece of art. (I can do that at home if I want). I’ve updated the portrait since I took this picture, but the color in the other photo is not as accurate, and I’m not happy with the updates I’ve made.