November Flower: Work In Progress (WIP)

November Chrysanthemum, colored pencil

Not the greatest picture…since this was taken from my cell phone.
I changed jobs recently and had to fly out to my new official company yesterday and just flew back home tonight. I brought my colored pencils, a pad and a few works in progress to do on the plane. I really need to get a better pencil sharpener, because the travel sharpener I have really eats up the pencils. I’m learning a few things now that I’m creating more pieces. When you create artwork, you’re using supplies and they run low quickly!
  • Creating Art = Good: well, creating art! Bad: Supplies run low
  • Not Creating Art = Good: Supplies are always there. Bad: Not producing art…(Jerry’s Artarama, here I come!)

On another note, as I was waiting for my flight at RDU yesterday, I hear over the intercom “Mr. So and So, please come to security to pick up your package…” and I’m thinking, oh, I hope this so and so guy picks up what he left behind…I really don’t want the airport to shut down! I guess he picked it up, because I got on my plane uneventfully. Coming back home today, guess who did the same thing at the Providence airport? Sometimes, I really need to go blonder to go with my mind. I was so happy that for once I didn’t have to go through security and unpack a laptop, that I left behind the case that I brought to carry my drawing pad! I was happily (and lightly) walking down the aisle to my gate, talking on the phone with my mom, and was telling her how nice it was to not be weighed down with all this stuff…and I realized the reason! Tomorrow, I’ll see about putting my name on the case.


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