December Flower: Narcissus

OK, I’ll try to get another picture of this…I took this while it was being hung at the gallery. (So, it’s behind glass and I took it using my cell phone). The next flower is for January and I need to find a good picture of a carnation. The next time I go to the store, I might pick up some and try my hand at photographing them! In just need to figure out what color I want…I need something other than yellow this time!

December Flower: Narcissus – WIP

Another bad picture, but you’ll will have to wait until tomorrow for the daylight to try again. I started the flower today, so not very far in the process. I really have to work on that background. It’s in an ugly stage, but you just have to stay with me on this one. I made the mistake of drawing with pencil at first, so I had to lightly erase it and go over it with a purple colored pencil. (Graphite pencils make the color in the color pencils look dirty and don’t really do the trick). I’m hoping to work on the series next week when I will be “working outside my office”. So, while I’ll still be looking at emails and checking my voicemail for work, I *should* have time to relax a little and do some art. (Pending the hurricane action!)


Chrysanthemum: November flower, colored pencil It’s been several months since I posted this as a work in progress. I put it down for a while but finally finished it, framed it and put it in the gallery in Mebane. This Friday night we will be having a Garden Party reception for all of the gallery members. Please feel free to stop by, have some food, wine and enjoy the artwork. Unfortunately, I am out of town until Saturday!

November Flower: Work In Progress (WIP)

November Chrysanthemum, colored pencil Not the greatest picture…since this was taken from my cell phone. I changed jobs recently and had to fly out to my new official company yesterday and just flew back home tonight. I brought my colored pencils, a pad and a few works in progress to do on the plane. I really need to get a better pencil sharpener, because the travel sharpener I have really eats up the pencils. I’m learning a few things now that I’m creating more pieces. When you create artwork, you’re using supplies and they run low quickly! Creating Art = Good: well, creating art! Bad: Supplies run low Not Creating Art = Good: Supplies are always there. Bad: Not producing art…(Jerry’s Artarama, here I come!) On another note, as I was waiting for my flight at RDU yesterday, I hear over the intercom “Mr. So and So, please come to security to pick up your package…” and I’m thinking, oh,

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First Real Attempt at Colored Pencil…and Arlington

This is a pretty bad photograph, so I apologize for that…but I’m beginning to see how obsessive colored pencil can be. The only thing I did before this one was an ATC a month ago, but I guess I still didn’t get “it”. I’ve just been too hesitant to use just one color, thinking that it was cheating. The flower above was done using an example from the book Painting Light with Colored Pencil by Cecile Baird. The flower is a little different from the book since I didn’t have the colors she listed, and I didn’t worry about getting the petals like the example. However, the steps that were listed were clear enough that when I followed them with my version of colors, it turned out pretty good for my first serious attempt at CP. Since it’s just a practice one, I didn’t worry about the background, either. I may add it later. As for the sketch below, this

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