First Real Attempt at Colored Pencil…and Arlington

This is a pretty bad photograph, so I apologize for that…but I’m beginning to see how obsessive colored pencil can be. The only thing I did before this one was an ATC a month ago, but I guess I still didn’t get “it”. I’ve just been too hesitant to use just one color, thinking that it was cheating. The flower above was done using an example from the book Painting Light with Colored Pencil by Cecile Baird. The flower is a little different from the book since I didn’t have the colors she listed, and I didn’t worry about getting the petals like the example. However, the steps that were listed were clear enough that when I followed them with my version of colors, it turned out pretty good for my first serious attempt at CP. Since it’s just a practice one, I didn’t worry about the background, either. I may add it later.

As for the sketch below, this is just to prove to you guys (and me), that I’m continuing to work on different things – even if it’s not finished! My brother recently travelled to Washington, DC with his wife and visited our dad in Arlington National Cemetery. This was a photo he took looking at the marker (Court 8) with the Pentagon in the background. (Well, can’t you tell that already?)


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