Art Supply Addiction: Flat Files

Hi, my name is Janae, and I’m an art supply addict.

By supply, please don’t just think of pencils, papers, brushes, paint. Feel free to include drafting tables, bookcases and my favorite…FLAT FILES! I have such an obsession with these, that I decided to do a whole post dedicated to them. Maybe I’ll write a series of posts…because each one has a special place in my heart…

It doesn’t really matter that I have a 29 1/2″ x 40 1/2″ black metal flat file with 5 drawers,

or a behemoth 36×45 1/2″ wood flat file with 10 drawers.

I love them all. I google flat file images. I browse them on craigslist. I pin them. It doesn’t matter that their use is rather limited. They are coveted by artists and the going rate for a 5 drawer flat file around here starts at $150 on craigslist. I’m still addicted.

Maybe one day I can have a coffee table again, and turn a flat file into one like this…

Or I can put it in a dining room and put really cool wine on top. 

Or I could paint mine black and put craft supplies in it.

 Look how organized this is! She states on her blog that printer trays fit perfectly in them. I had to google that since I was envisioning my canon color printer.

Ahhh…I don’t have the guts to do this to my flat file, but this person aged this flat file on purpose, taking a perfectly fine metal flat file and making it rusty. It looks absolutely awesome!

 Just check out the wheels!

And of course, let’s take a look at Martha’s collection…

While this isn’t your traditional flat file, it does provide good ideas. I could easily build a hutch on top to hold craft paper. I think she was reading my mind…because I was totally searching on craigslist for a heavy duty craft paper cutter. You know…when people come by my studio to buy my art, I’ll have to wrap the frames. It could happen…

Again with the organization in the drawers…paint brushes, pencils, etc…

 Magnetic strip on the side…for something…that I haven’t thought of yet…oooh…framing gun maybe? I’ll just go around the studio with a heavy duty magnet and anything that sticks will have a home.

 Craft paper and tissue paper. Oh, and twine! In case I have to ship my art!

And of course, the bags have to be stored somewhere.

 So, am I the only one that’s addicted to flat files?


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