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It’s been a busy time lately because out of the entire year, I decided to participate in TWO studio tours and my first ever art fair…all in October and November. Call me crazy, I know…but my kids think it’s the greatest thing ever.

FESTIFALL – OCT 7th 12-6

First time ever…I submitted an application to participate in an art fair in Chapel Hill. The first application I submit, of course I get in and then think “oh…I guess I need a tent…and panels…and…”.  I quickly submersed myself into the world of art fairs. This is a whole new world of do’s and don’t’s and how to prevail against The-Wizard-of-Oz-type winds and still sell art. Wish me luck. It’s this Sunday, October 7th from 12-6. Just walk toward the increasingly loud music coming from the stage, put some ear plugs in and come say “hi”. No need to yell…I might not be able to hear that anyway.  I will be at booth B67.

ALAMANCE STUDIO TOUR – OCT 13 (10-6) & OCT 14 (12-6) – TOUR #13

I participated in the Alamance Studio Tour last year and had a great time, even though I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t prepared. Since this is in a county a few miles from me, I have to bring my art to a fellow artist’s house. It’s not really my studio, but it’s fun and the people love to come to one place and see multiple artists there. Hopefully I will be sold out from Festifall and can bask in the glory of empty walls. Hahaha…I can work quickly when I need to, so maybe it will be ALL NEW STUFF instead! (A girl can dream, right?)

ORANGE COUNTY STUDIO TOUR – NOV 3 (10-6), NOV 4 (12-6), NOV 10 (10-6) & NOV 11 (12-6) – TOUR #1

Another first. I was juried into the guild early this year and so of course I have to participate in the tour. Chapel Hill and Carrboro and Hillsborough ooze art. So what if I’m in Mebane? People will come to see me, right? (Please, please, please come see me!). You will be able to see my husband’s handiwork with my studio and pergola…none of it was my idea, so stop thinking I’m one of those nagging wives.  Of course once the work began…

This is what my kids are so excited about. People coming to our house is somehow exciting to them yet terrifying to me. OK, not terrifying as much as it is planning to still iron out…like parking and cleaning and what if someone needs to use the restroom? They’ll have to go in our house! OMG!

Wish me luck, come by and say hi!

October 7, 2012 (12-6): Festifall (I will be at Booth B67)

October 13-14, 2012: Alamance Studio Tour (Look for lucky #13)

November 3-4, 10-11: Orange County Studio Tour (I will be at studio #1)


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