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The previous post about art websites required me to go to those sites to grab the link and post here. I found that one of the websites I was going to include didn’t have my art. Oops. I guess I decided not to use them, but it’s a website that may be useful to others and I think the community there is awesome of you take part.

I’ve listed three forums I browse for information and inspiration.

DeviantArt – I’m not sure what the demographic is for this site, but it might be younger than me. Just the name sounds like a high school and early college demographic. However, there are some useful reference photos that can be found here, as long as you read what the photography will allow in terms of copyright.

ScribbleTalk -I have a soft spot for this site since this was THE website that inspired me to return to art. It was totally by accident and only due to a username matching a google search. The site is full of talented artists, mostly colored pencil artists, but there are sections for charcoal, pastel and pen. It’s mainly a site for art made with a “drawing technique”.

Wetcanvas – I’ve saved my favorite for last. I tell everyone I know about this site. It’s for ALL artists and it’s large enough to accomodate everyone while still allowing you to get acquainted with other artists similar to you.

It’s a massive forum with subforums for each medium and each subject. It’s sort of like having cable, where you can choose which channels to watch…Here’s about HALF of what they have:


So, I browse the following forums:

and many many others.
The reference library on wetcanvas is a great resource as well. Artists add photos there for others to use in their art. You can find anything from countrysides to cityscapes and everything in between.

I know there are many many other websites out there, but these are the ones I’ve gone to the most.


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