Art Websites

It seems I’ve created profiles on most of the art websites, but there is one that has stood out among the others in terms of professionalism, pizazz (did I just use that word?), and user friend…li…ness…(I told you I’m not a writer, but you get my point, right?). I’ve listed three that I’ve used in the past/present…

 Zazzle – I use zazzle to order my own magnets, since they seem reasonably priced. The magnets are hefty things, not just a magnetized business card. The kind you actually buy in stores nice. I don’t really sell anything there, so I can’t comment on any of those aspects, but I do offer notecards and magnets.

CafePress – one of the first sites I added my art, mainly for notecards, but I got too crazy with the other merchandise, so I added tshirts and some other items. Honestly, I can’t tell you what’s there right now. The website became too time consuming and confusing to me…too many choices muddled my mind. I think it’s easier now to navigate, but I haven’t taken the time to play around. I did sell a few things there, but I think mainly tshirts.

Fine Art America – one of my favorite places because of simplicity. It’s just a site to sell/buy prints, originals, and cards. Period. I have most of my art there (which isn’t saying a whole lot). It does not have any of my earlier pieces – either because I don’t have a high resolution image to upload, or because it didn’t make sense to put a portrait on there if I sell prints. To be honest, I’ve sold one thing, and it made my month! I mean, really, I’m an artist! I’m just another guppy in a sea of guppies and fish and…whales. Anytime someone takes time to look at my art (in a good way) makes my day.

EDIT: In order to create this post, I had to go to my websites to get the links. CafePress has updated quite a bit! I may have to add more stuff there, but I might take out those aprons…


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