January Flower: Carnation WIP

I worked at the gallery yesterday and was able to get quite a bit accomplished. I love to do flowers…but less petals! This is taking a lot of time and concentration.

Of, course, it’s a WIP (Work in Progress). This is the January Flower, taken at the gallery with my phone. I tried to fix the brightness and contrast, but it just made it worse. Just imagine the paper is actually white. And yes, the flower is green for now. It will be red in the end…trust me. 🙂

For those that haven’t figured out the flowers, I’m working on a series of Flowers of the Month. This is what I’m planning:
Jan: Carnation (WIP)
Feb: Violet (Not Started)
Mar: Daffodil (Not Started)
Apr: Daisy (Not Started)
May: Lily of the Valley (Not Started)
Jun: Rose (Not Started)
Jul: Water Lily (Not Started)
Aug: Gladioli (Not Started)…although the back up for this is the poppy…I might have to go with that.
Sep: Morning Glory (Not Started)
Oct: Cosmos (Not Started)
Nov: Chrysanthemum (completed)

Dec: Narcussis (completed)

Oy…there’s a lot more to do that have been done!


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