Updates to my Studio

I took a few pictures of my studio today since we’ve added a few things lately.
Living in North Carolina requires air conditioning, so my husband added a window unit. No need to add central air here! The grass looks brown because we had someone come by and weed-eat, so I need to rake the dead grass away.
I’ll also work on the landscaping once the weather cools down. My husband and I are trying to plan out a large patio and pergola between our house and studio, so that’s why nothing has been done here…
Oh – and shutters…I need to get shutters…and complete the lattice around the porch.

I’ve already posted my cabinets, but I thought I’d add them here since it’s now “lived in”. The sides of the counter top need to be finished and I need to add the hardware.

Notice the flat file? I love this thing…and have been looking for a “cheap” one for about a year. I’m so excited about it! Now I can put my watercolor papers, my class charcoal portraits, mat board, etc in it. Yay!!! (Now I’ll just have to figure out where it will go. Maybe I’ll have my husband build me a cabinet for it).
(Trim still needs to be added on the bottom). I’m not posting any pictures of the other side…that’s too lived in and I still need to organize!

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