Orange County Studio Tour 2014

Here it is the last day of the Orange County Studio Tour. October and November are busy for me, but it’s been so much fun to talk to people about my art and studio space.

This is the first year in my new studio since we moved in March. It’s a smaller space, (taking over the dining room instead of having my own custom built studio), and the lighting is far from perfect, but it works so far. I’m sure many tweaks are in its future, but that’s part of the fun!

If you don’t catch me today (open from 12-5), then I hope to see you next year!


Alamance Studio Tour 2014

Lehto_Studio Tour 2013

The Alamance Studio Tour is the second and third weekend in October – it’s right around the corner! (I’m not freaking out…ok, maybe a little).

Artists around Alamance county are opening their studios, selling their art and maybe even sharing techniques. Since I live outside the county, another artist is sharing her studio with several other artists, including me. Mark your calendars! Click here for more information. (Did I mention it’s FREE?)

I’m also participating in the Orange County Studio Tour in November… details coming soon!

Newspaper Article

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a local newspaper looking to do an article on me and my art.  The writer left me a message on my phone and also sent me an email. I was typing up my email to respond to her (thinking out my answers so I wouldn’t have to worry about how many times I said “ummm” and “you know”). My plan was to call her back and use my draft email as notes (doesn’t everyone do that?). But before I could finish, she calls me again. And wants to come by my studio NOW.

If you like my facebook art page, you might have seen a post saying I was rearranging my studio just the night before. Do you know how organized artists typically are? Can you imagine what my studio looked like the day the reporter wanted to come over? Most of my art was still hanging at the Roasted Coffee Depot in Graham, so I had limited inventory in my studio as well.

After she explained she only needed to take a picture of me and could crop out everything else…I said “OK, come on over.” I’d love to say I was completely ready for someone to come over, but my studio and I were far from it. After frantically getting presentable, I stuffed all the junk in cabinets quickly reorganized my art supplies before she arrived. (I really need to start following flylady more…CHAOS!)

I don’t remember saying ALL of this and in those EXACT words, but it’s consistent with what I have on my website and SOUND like something I would have said.  In case anyone familiar with the two pieces on the second page catches these errors, the “Woolly Malamute” and “Lesser Kudu” (it does have a title) are pastel, not colored pencil.

All in all, it was a good experience! Anyone interested in doing a follow up article, I can now say my studio is back in one piece and my paintings have returned from the coffee shop.

Alamance News

Alamance News page 1

Alamance News page 2

Alamance News page 2

Upcoming Events


It’s been a busy time lately because out of the entire year, I decided to participate in TWO studio tours and my first ever art fair…all in October and November. Call me crazy, I know…but my kids think it’s the greatest thing ever.

FESTIFALL – OCT 7th 12-6

First time ever…I submitted an application to participate in an art fair in Chapel Hill. The first application I submit, of course I get in and then think “oh…I guess I need a tent…and panels…and…”.  I quickly submersed myself into the world of art fairs. This is a whole new world of do’s and don’t’s and how to prevail against The-Wizard-of-Oz-type winds and still sell art. Wish me luck. It’s this Sunday, October 7th from 12-6. Just walk toward the increasingly loud music coming from the stage, put some ear plugs in and come say “hi”. No need to yell…I might not be able to hear that anyway.  I will be at booth B67.

ALAMANCE STUDIO TOUR – OCT 13 (10-6) & OCT 14 (12-6) – TOUR #13

I participated in the Alamance Studio Tour last year and had a great time, even though I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t prepared. Since this is in a county a few miles from me, I have to bring my art to a fellow artist’s house. It’s not really my studio, but it’s fun and the people love to come to one place and see multiple artists there. Hopefully I will be sold out from Festifall and can bask in the glory of empty walls. Hahaha…I can work quickly when I need to, so maybe it will be ALL NEW STUFF instead! (A girl can dream, right?)

ORANGE COUNTY STUDIO TOUR – NOV 3 (10-6), NOV 4 (12-6), NOV 10 (10-6) & NOV 11 (12-6) – TOUR #1

Another first. I was juried into the guild early this year and so of course I have to participate in the tour. Chapel Hill and Carrboro and Hillsborough ooze art. So what if I’m in Mebane? People will come to see me, right? (Please, please, please come see me!). You will be able to see my husband’s handiwork with my studio and pergola…none of it was my idea, so stop thinking I’m one of those nagging wives.  Of course once the work began…

This is what my kids are so excited about. People coming to our house is somehow exciting to them yet terrifying to me. OK, not terrifying as much as it is planning to still iron out…like parking and cleaning and what if someone needs to use the restroom? They’ll have to go in our house! OMG!

Wish me luck, come by and say hi!

October 7, 2012 (12-6): Festifall (I will be at Booth B67)

October 13-14, 2012: Alamance Studio Tour (Look for lucky #13)

November 3-4, 10-11: Orange County Studio Tour (I will be at studio #1)

The Search for Art Festival Supplies: Part I

A few weeks ago I went supply shopping for art shows and festivals.  I already had three tall, narrow panels I created out of slatted closet shelves. They were a deal, and I needed something ASAP last October. They worked fine, but were 8 feet tall and cumbersome to move.

Here’s a photo of me standing in front of the panels.

See that behemoth panel in the background on the left? Yep, that’s what I used…

…and the wind loved them…

If it weren’t for the several good Samaritans at the tour to catch the display, many of my pieces would have ended up on the concrete.

My goal has been to purchase pro panels, but they are still cost prohibitive for me to get an entire set for a 10×10 display area. A fellow artist had black grid panels that created a nice display for her paintings. I went to the surplus store where she purchased her display and was instantly in heaven.

Did I mention I’m obsessed with supplies?

I stepped foot in a surplus store for used store fixtures. I’m a total geek for stuff like this, and even though I have no need for 99.9% of the items there, I still spent at least 3 hours salivating over them.

Here are some of the items I liked.

Check this one out…it’s a metal pedestal thing with adjustable feet. Would be perfect for pottery displays! I think it was $8.

OK, so naturally there would be several mannequins in a surplus store fixture place…too bad I don’t sew, crochet, or…anything else this little guy could be used for.

Slat walls are always useful, but I suppose they would be too heavy. Great for the garage or studio though.

Metal frames for signs…this would be great to add a great logo or…something like that…I don’t know…there’s potential there.

Ahh…a white grid panel. Once I saw this one, I knew I was going to get the panels in white instead of black. Just a personal preference there. The black works too, but maybe I’m a visual person and since the white one was on display, I fell for it.

So here they are in my studio, already being all purposeful with my paintings hanging. They’re all helter- skelter here with no order, but order and neatness is not the purpose in this photo. I purchased 2 white grid panels because they only had 2. They had plenty of black ones. I’m planning my next trip soon…

I almost forgot…check out these ladders! I suppose they could be for a library or kitchen with tall ceilings…or they could really come in handy for a not-so-tall-person. Hmmm…