Orange County Studio Tour 2014

Here it is the last day of the Orange County Studio Tour. October and November are busy for me, but it's been so much fun to talk to people about my art and studio space. This is the first year in my new studio since we moved in March. It's a smaller space, (taking over … Continue reading Orange County Studio Tour 2014


Alamance Studio Tour 2014

The Alamance Studio Tour is the second and third weekend in October - it's right around the corner! (I'm not freaking out...ok, maybe a little). Artists around Alamance county are opening their studios, selling their art and maybe even sharing techniques. Since I live outside the county, another artist is sharing her┬ástudio with several other … Continue reading Alamance Studio Tour 2014

Upcoming Events

WHAT WAS I THINKING???? It's been a busy time lately because out of the entire year, I decided to participate in TWO studio tours and my first ever art fair...all in October and November. Call me crazy, I know...but my kids think it's the greatest thing ever. FESTIFALL - OCT 7th 12-6 First time ever...I … Continue reading Upcoming Events

The Search for Art Festival Supplies: Part I

A few weeks ago I went supply shopping for art shows and festivals.  I already had three tall, narrow panels I created out of slatted closet shelves. They were a deal, and I needed something ASAP last October. They worked fine, but were 8 feet tall and cumbersome to move.Here's a photo of me standing … Continue reading The Search for Art Festival Supplies: Part I