An Old Portrait and an Older Portrait

Oops! I totally forgot that I meant to post a charcoal portrait of my daughter in the last post! That was a major reason I did a non-art post, but I guess that's what happens when you have someone like me, posting about who-knows-what. I try to stay on topic of art, but sometimes, I gotta … Continue reading An Old Portrait and an Older Portrait


New Pastel Painting: Alaskan Malamute

So the original post disappeared shortly after it was highlighted on another webpage. Sorry it's taken a few weeks for me to get the energy to piece it back together. (Very strange and since I don't know WHY it happened, or even know HOW to find out why, I'm just going to add the photos … Continue reading New Pastel Painting: Alaskan Malamute

Donkey: WIP

I've been working on my newest animal piece on pastelbord. As you've seen, I did this cow with charcoal and a kneaded eraser. (For you city folk, this is NOT the donkey...) I used vine charcoal only - which are the skinny ones on the left. This eraser is my progress stops completely if I … Continue reading Donkey: WIP

Art Updates…

The writing gene apparently did not rub off on me, which is probably why I don't post more...yep, that's my excuse. Maybe I need to write less and post more pictures. I've been working on quite a few pieces since I last posted here, so I'm going to update everyone!Let's see...I finished a charcoal drawing … Continue reading Art Updates…

Tuesday’s Portrait

Tina II, charcoal, 12 x 14 inchesJust in case you were wondering, last week's class was canceled. Sorry about that - I guess I could have said something, but I was in a funk. This week's model was Tina, which I was happy to hear that someone recognized to be the same model as one … Continue reading Tuesday’s Portrait

Tuesday’s Portrait

I've posted the portrait I did last night from our class. You can always tell who got to the class late...because they're usually delegated to the sides and end up doing the profile portrait!This model asked for the portrait at the end of class...I told him to come back next week since I wanted to … Continue reading Tuesday’s Portrait

Carrboro Portrait Class

OK, so I'm not sure if this will work - the picture above should be a slideshow of 7 portraits done from life. (Press Play - I had to make it into a movie). Five of them were from my last portrait class, one was done at home and the other was done at Art&Soul … Continue reading Carrboro Portrait Class