Boxed In

Of course, it's called "Boxed In" because it's a box turtle, right? There's actually a pretty cool story behind it. "Boxed In" | 6" x 18" | Colored Pencil and Neocolor II on pastelbord We have this black tube attached to our gutter drain to direct water flow away from our house. It's VERY long … Continue reading Boxed In


Goat WIP

After I completed the donkey, I started to do this guy...and was asked by a few people to do it in pastel. OK...I hit a few bumps in the road since I haven't really worked a lot with pastel. This was my first pastel animal (before the Alaskan Malamute).I was working on two photos, but … Continue reading Goat WIP

Art Updates…

The writing gene apparently did not rub off on me, which is probably why I don't post more...yep, that's my excuse. Maybe I need to write less and post more pictures. I've been working on quite a few pieces since I last posted here, so I'm going to update everyone!Let's see...I finished a charcoal drawing … Continue reading Art Updates…