Happy Thanksgiving and Surprises…

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a busy day for us, but I'm procrastinating...I have to bring pumpkin pie and "sausage balls" to my brothers house for our feast. However, our oven broke two days ago and I have to go to my mom's house to bake the sausage. I didn't know she had … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving and Surprises…


My Nephew, The Artist

I'm so excited, that I just had to post this. (I got permission from the artist and his mom). My nephew's art was chosen to be exhibited at a local bank. He's in 3rd grade and has been interested in art for a while (in a cool sort of way, of course). A few times … Continue reading My Nephew, The Artist

Charcoal Portrait from Life

Anne, charcoal, 18x24I decided to switch to charcoal for yesterday's portrait class (1 1/2 hours). It had been a while since I've worked with pencil - I was just too impatient last week. I prefer using willow charcoal since it allows me to block in shapes, planes, etc instead of getting distracted with the detail. … Continue reading Charcoal Portrait from Life


I've added the final update to the couple...I'm not sure if any of the updates I made show up, but I thought I'd post it here anyway. I will be shipping it off tomorrow! On another note, I am taking a portrait drawing class at the Carrboro Art Center. Tomorrow night is my second class. … Continue reading Portrait